Fight Scenes 101

So idk about anyone else, but I have a lot of trouble writing a decent fight scene. So I thought I’d put together this little master list of tips, and links to help out anyone else who is having similar problem. 

How to Write a Fight Scene - Randy Ingermanson - a particularly in depth look at the do’s and don’t’s of writing a fight scene. Although the style of writing is a tad patronising, it’s still worth a read. 

Writing Fight Scenes - Another fairly decent overview, although in a briefer format than the previous example. 

Creating Fight Scenes - This piece brings into mind discussion of elements surrounding the fight, the terrain, the abilities of each participant (magic user vs sword user for example) as well as highlights some ideas on how to choreograph. (Trigger Warning: There is a scene used as an example of fighting, that discusses a fantasy slave trade, and rape. If this triggers you, skip past the first example called STAR-CROSSED. And carry on to the section marked: What Do You Want To Say About Your Viewpoint and Your Characters.)

Writing an Action/Fight Scene - A more general overview of the cause/effect tension before the actual fight scene itself, rather than a How To for actually writing them. 

The Wizard’s Dual - Specifically, as you might have already guessed, aimed at people who are more concerned with working out how to write fight scenes between magic users.

How to Write Fight Scenes (Video) - If reading all of this somehow bores you you are a writer or at least trying to be one I would be deeply concerned if you hated reading or if you learn better through a more interactive approach, this is the post for you. By author Alan Baxter, it is a 37 minute video on the various different ways you can create an interesting and not to mention readable fight scene. 

How To Write A Fight Scene - another guide, this one on fictionpress. It’s ten chapters, and goes through a lot of things that could really help improve when writing a fight scene.

I hope this helps, or at least gives you a basis on improving fight scene choreography. 


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