From the 1942 Guide to Britain for US Troops

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You defeat enemy propaganda not by denying that these differences exist, but by admitting them openly and then trying to understand them.  For instance: The British are often more reserved in conduct than we. On a small crowded island where forty-five million people live, each man leans to guard his privacy carefully - and is equally careful not to invade  another man’s privacy. 

So if Britons sit on trains or buses without striking up conversation with you, it doesn’t mean they are being haughty or unfriendly. Probably they are paying more attention to you than you think. But they don’t speak to you because they don’t want to appear intrusive or rude.

Another difference. The British have phrases and colloquialisms of their own that may sound funny to you. You can make just as many boners in their eyes.   

It isn’t a good idea, for instance, to say “bloody” in mixed company in Britain - it is one of their worst swear words. To say “I look like a bum” is offensive to their ears, for to the British this means that you look like your own backside. 

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